+PPE Project Phase 3 - 3D Printed/Laser Cut Face Shields

Make Salt Lake and its members have been working tirelessly to design and test a fully functional 3D Printed and Laser Cut face shield to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We currently have a design that we have vetted and are producing.

3D Printed Face Shield Files

Headband Files

Reinforcement Band Files

alt text

alt text

alt text

The MSL Face Shield is a 3-part design. It consists of a 3D printed headband, a 3D printed reinforcement piece, and a laser cut face shield. MSL will be dedicating its 3D Printers and Laser Cutters to the task of producing these shields as fast as possible, but we need more help. We have the materials and capability to produce the laser cut shield portion without a problem, but 3D printing takes time and while we will have our 3 printers going whenever possible, we will need help from the community! If you have access to a 3D printer, we need as many of the 3D printed headband portions as possible. Below, we will provide instructions for how to produce the 3D printed headbands as well as where to drop off completed products. We also have the files available for download in this post so you can get started right away!

We are excited to produce this much needed PPE and glad to have such a wonderful community to rely on. Thank you for your help!


Anyone who meets all of the following criteria:

  • Is within the Salt Lake area and can deliver parts to thedropoff location listed below.

  • Has a 3D printer with at least a 8”x 6” bed

  • Has PETG or PLA materials enough to produce the headbands

  • Can follow the safety and sanitation protocol outlined in the Sanitation Checklist below. Please be sure that you and no one in your household are sick, or been in contact with any confirmed cases of COVID-19. You will need masks, gloves (or hand soap), AND sanitizer (diluted bleach solution, 70% isopropyl alcohol, or sanitizer like Star-San) to participate. All participating builders must sign a safety agreement covering their own health conditions, following safety protocols, and legal responsibilities.

+Sanitation Checklist

If you meet the criteria above, then we NEED YOUR HELP! Please follow the instructions below to print as many face shield headbands as you can and deliver them to the dropoff locations.


  1. Submit your name and contact info via email to info@makesaltlake.org or click here and fill out the contact form

  2. Download the part files. There are two pieces. One for the top headband and one for the bottom to help shape the plastic shield.

  3. Print the parts!

  4. Package parts and label with which material you used

  5. Deliver to the dropoff locations.



Reinforcement Band

Materials: PETG is preferred, PLA is an acceptable alternative

Infill: 20%-30%

Cleaning: Before dropoff, please take s few minutes to clean and sand the headbands. The portion that comes in contact with the forehead must be smooth and clear of bumps.

  • Sanding: Take some fine sand paper and go over the whole printed portion. Make sure to clear away any loose strings, support pieces, or lumps or bumps, paying special attention to the parts that contact skin.

  • Cleaning: Do Not Use Alcohol It will melt the plastic. Instead, a 1% bleach solution soak for 3 minutes will clean it off. Alternatively, you can use hot soapy water and a good scrub.

Drop Off:

  • If you are member of Make Salt Lake, please drop off completed headbands in the portable next to the 3D Printer Lab. You will see bins for PLA and PETG printed parts. Please sort them into the appropriate bins.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. You can email us at: info@makesaltlake.org or click here to contact us or join our slack workspace by going to slack.makesaltlake.org and sending yourself an invite. Our #covid19response and #masks channels are dedicated to the production of PPE.


  • DONATE FUNDS: If you would like to donate funds to this cause, please click the DONATE link and make sure to tell us where you’d like this money to go!

  • DONATE MATERIALS: If you have rolls of PETG or PLA filament you’d like to donate, please reach out to info@makesaltlake.org or click here to contact us