Invictus 8″x 4′ jointer with spiral cutter head

Invicta (Delta) DJ20

Make Salt Lake’s Jointer has an 8” wide bed with 6’ of infeed/outfeed table and a spiral cutterhead. The 3hp motor runs on 220 AC and is more than enough to get through even the toughest woods.

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A good jointer is hard to come by and harder still to use. Our Invicta (an international version of the same Delta jointer) has been retrofitted with a spiral cutter head to make it as smooth and user friendly as possible. The 48 blades make pushing material across this tool as easy as it can be, and with multiple adjustment points, it is a simple process to set up the tool just right before use. A straight edge is always a must when working with wood and nothing will get you a straighter edge than this jointer.