Leather Bench

Wallets and Purses and Belts, oh my!

The leather bench is one of the longest running areas at Make Salt Lake. Located up in our textiles lab, the leather bench is outfitted with a huge selection of cutters, stamps, rivet setters, reams, punches and mallets. It also regularly has lots of materials including scraps of leather, threads, snaps, rivets, and many other items that have been donated and made available to members. Many members use the leather area as a great way to make gifts for friends and family or to provide products for an Etsy of Craft Fair style store.

The Leather Bench can be used in tandem with the laser cutter or cricut cutter to cut patterns, make belts, purses, wallets, and create leather wrapped handles. We provide thread, wax, stain, dye, needles, hammers, stamps, mallets, cutters, reamers, rivets and setters, punches, and more.

Check out the Leather Bench and get creative!