Machine Shop

When you join a small, community-run space like Make Salt Lake, you usually don’t expect to see professional level machining tools. It is rare for beginners and makers to have access to such high quality equipment, but that’s what makes our Machine Shop special. The metal mill and metal lathe are the core of the machine shop, but we’re also excited to start expanding into the world of CNC metal milling. We recently got the chance to purchase a Tormach Metal CNC and we’re excited to incorporate it into our shop later this year.

How to get started

A machine shop can be a dangerous place. That’s why we want to make sure that everyone using the area is knowledgeable and using the best safety practices. We have a team of dedicated professional machinists who volunteer to train people on the proper use of the tools.

Unlike other areas at MSL, each individual tool in the Machine Shop has its own certification. These certifications are offered every other Saturday and sign ups are on Meetups.

Also available in the Machine Shop are dozens end mills (the cutters for the mill and lathe) and also high precision measuring equipment, calipers, micrometers, gages and indicators.