New RFID System Coming Soon!

New RFID system coming soon! 

Make Salt Lake is designing and implementing a new RFID (key card access) system for our shops and tools. If you are a member who would like to continue to have access to the space, THIS AFFECTS YOU!

Below is a brief FAQ to help answer some questions:

Q: How will this change how I access MSL?

A: All members will be given an ID swipe card with their name and picture on it. This will be the only way for members to access the space. The 4-digit access code and old key fobs will no longer grant access to any MSL shops.

Q: Will I lose access to anywhere?

A: Nope! The cards will be coded with your certifications and will grant access to any areas in which you have been certified. If you’ve taken the certification class, or the area doesn’t have a certification, you will maintain full access!

Q: When will this change take place?

A: We are still working on the system so it will still be a several weeks before we are ready. But don’t worry, we’ll send out more messages and info when we set dates.

Q: How do I get my new ID access card? Will it cost me anything?

A: Once we are ready, we will put together an access card event. There will be several hours over several days in which you can come get your new access card. All memberships will come with 1 free card. Extra cards for household memberships or replacement cards may be purchased. Details to follow.

Q: Why are we changing the system?

A: In short, we are trying to better serve our membership. This new system will allow us to track more information about shop usage trends and give us valuable info about what needs our members have. We are also doing it for safety and security. A general access code has left us vulnerable to theft and misuse of tools and equipment. We will be able to make sure that only members and only people who have been properly trained are using the equipment.

If you have questions or would like more info about the system we are designing, please send us an email at