+PPE Project Phase 2 - Fabric Mask-Making

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The Phase 2 Mask is a reusable, sewn fabric mask that is to be donated to local healthcare facilities. Make Salt Lake is currently producing as many of these masks as we are able and is coordinating volunteers to help with this effort.

In adherence with local social distancing regulations, we have no- contact pickup/dropoff points where you can get supplies to help cut fabric, or sew masks from pre-cut pieces. Details found below

UT Volunteers: please follow these instructions

  1. Fill out this form to volunteer: https://forms.gle/FSHWXVFQzRJz9tRWA

  2. Email us at info@makesaltlake.org to let us know of your interest and any questions that you have

  3. Once you hear back from us, you will be directed to pick up materials or equipment from one of 2 locations. Follow up by retrieving those items.

  4. When you have finished with a batch of masks, return the completed masks to the address below.

Pickup/Dropoff locations:

MSL Members - Make Salt Lake portable (3D printing room) conference table

Non-members - 3412 Park Meadows St, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 (Call/text ahead at 385.237.7676)

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Instructions for making Phase 2 Fabric Masks

MSL Mask Pattern PDF File

Video Tutorial

Click here to view a video tutorial for making a Phase 2 Sew Mask

Step By Step Instructions

STEP 1) Match each set of 2 matching fabric pieces inside out and sew along the curved edge of each pair

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STEP 2) Match the nose seam of your cotton pair up to the inside of the seam on your canvas pair. Open both pairs together and sew along the top and bottom edges

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STEP 3) Flip the sandwich/tube right side out and iron flat (Yes, we know ironing sucks, but we promise it’s important this time)

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STEP 4) Tuck the loose end inside itself - insert one end of your elastic piece and sew over it until secure. Tuck the other end of the same elastic into the seam before finishing.

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Repeat on the other side with your second piece of elastic.

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STEP 5) With Both ear loops installed and the mask right side out - sew once more around the edges. This important “cover stitch” will help your mask hold its shape in the washer/dryer

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(Pro tip - for an extra secure cover stitch, you can use a zigzag stitch. If you’re a beginner, sticking to your straight stitch settings works fine too!)

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  • Carefully machine wash Phase 2 (Fabric) masks with Warm or Hot water as often as possible. (Use the delicates cycle or wash inside of a pillowcase or a mesh lingerie bag if you can)

  • Consider using safety pins to secure the mask folded in half in the wash to help it keep its shape

  • Use a high-temperature steam iron to press flat and sanitize