+PPE Project Phase 1 - Filter Mask-Making

The Phase 1 Mask Project is a coordinated effort from MSL and its members to produce a high quantity of polyester PPE face masks for the Salt Lake area community. These masks are being sent to homeless shelters, group homes and other under-served communities here in Salt Lake as well as local healthcare facilities. The primary purpose of this project is to produce as many quality masks as possible and get them into the hands of those in need as quickly as possible. As of 04/03/2020 we have produced over 1000 masks and have already distributed hundreds of those to local shelters. We are currently in the process of producing several thousand more in the coming days and weeks.

This effort was spearheaded by MSL member Chris Sparzo who designed and tested the masks and with the help of several other MSL members, streamlined the process for assembling them. We are now able to make each of these masks in less than a minute, allowing us to produce them in huge quantities. But we need your help!

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How to make the phase 1 filter mask:


then follow the instructions to learn how to make an awesome mask!

Step 1: Take thin fabric and place nose piece close to the top. Fold the fabric over and staple, holding the nose piece in place.

Step 2: Place thick filter on top and fold thin fabric around it, wrapping it up. Fold the overlapping thin fabric around the filter

Step 3: Staple along top edge, and along each side, sealing the filter in place

alt text

NOTE: When stapling, please make sure to direct as many staples as possible AWAY from the wearer’s face.

Step 4: Place elastic bands on filter, one at the top, and one at the bottom. Staple through the elastic to hold it in place.

alt text

Step 5: Check the staples and make sure there are no points sticking out. Take a pair of pliers and bend any pointy stales so they will not poke the wearer.

alt text

Now you have a finished mask!

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There are several ways to get involved. Follow each of the links below depending on how you would like to lend a hand.


You don’t need any special skills to help us make masks. We have a simple process that you can learn in minutes, and a special clean room designated for the production of these masks. If you are able to help with this effort, please contact us by clicking here and filling out the contact form or email us at info@makesaltlake.org with your availability

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Every dollar helps! Please follow this link and submit your online donation to our cause! Make sure to select Covid-19 Efforts in the “where do you want it to go?” drop down menu


We are on the lookout for the following:

  • rolls of elastic 1/2” or 3/4”

  • Staples

  • Cotton or natural fiber, breathable fabrics

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If you have items you think we could use, please contact us at info@makesaltlake.org to offer your donation.