Design, Plan, Draw, Chart, Create, Modify

In today’s world, an increasing amount of what makers do involves working with computers and software. There are now programs available to design not only things like 3D printed parts or laser cut patterns, but also your dining room table, or a set of shelves, or a new wallet you want to work on. Make Salt Lake is happy to have access to a wide range of computer programs, from freeware to professional software, and be able to provide it to our members.

Located in the Center Shop space at MSL are our two general use computer stations. Both computers are hooked up to the onsite wifi and are available for members to use whenever they need. Both are outfitted with the full Adobe Suite (including Photoshop and Illustrator), Inkscape, and a localized server to move work easily between computers. Members use the computers regularly to do research, watch Youtube tutorials, design projects, or tweak plans they already have laid out.

The Right Program for the Job

We also have several other computer stations specifically linked to workshops and areas. Our laser cutting station not only has Illustrator and Inkscape for last minute edits, but also has the software necessary for running the laser. Our 3D Print Lab has a laptop with Simplify 3D, Slic3r, and soon to come AstroPrint software. We have Cricut design software on our textiles computer, Hatch Embroidery software, Fusion 360 and much much more! And finally, we are in the process of building a work station that will allow us to offer SolidWorks to our members as well. So all in all, whatever you need, we’ve got it!