+COVID-19 PPE Project Efforts

Make Salt Lake and its members have been working tirelessly to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and lessen its impact on our community. For several weeks now we have been working on the design, production, and distribution of several types of PPE as well as making a coordinated effort to lend a hand in our community. This post is an effort to update all interested parties on what steps we are taking as a community to respond to this new and ever-changing situation and to act as a portal to help people get involved in a meaningful way. Below you will find more information on the various COVID-19 related projects we are spearheading as well as the ways in which you can help lend a hand. Together, we can make a difference!


Volunteer - click here

The more volunteers the better! We need help making masks, 3D printing parts, sharing information and more! If you are able to lend a hand or equipment, please reach out to us by clicking the Volunteer link and filling out the contact form, or by emailing us at info@makesaltlake.org

You can also click on the individual projects listed below to learn more!

Donate Funds - click here

Every dollar helps! Please follow this link and submit your online donation to our cause! Make sure to select Covid-19 Efforts in the “where do you want it to go?” drop down menu

Donate Materials - click here

We are on the lookout for the following:

  • PETG & PLA 3D printer filament

  • PETG clear flexible plastic sheets (EXTREMELY urgent)

  • PVC clear flexible sheets

  • Polyester and cotton fabrics

  • Elastic - 1/2” or 3/4”

If you make an order of materials on behalf of Make Salt Lake, you can have your order delivered directly to us at this address:

Rio Sabella

663 W 100S

Salt Lake City, Ut 84102

If you have items you think we could use, please follow the link or contact us at info@makesaltlake.org to offer your donation.

Have more questions? You can text Melissa at (385)237-7676

Make Salt Lake Projects

+ Phase 1 Masks

These are PPE produced by MSL members. They are quick and easy to make and anyone can help us make them!

+Phase 2 Sewn Masks

These cloth masks can be sewn together in minutes and will be distributed around Salt Lake Valley. Please click here to join the effort and help us make more masks!

+Phase 3 Face Shield Project

3D Printed and laser cut face shield PPE for healthcare facilities.